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"Flower Story" (2011), is an inspiring, heartfelt tale of how the gift of listening can change one's life, about how the love of flowers can connect two completely different people.

The main character of the book is the girl named Natasha who lives with her mother in a small village outside of Moscow. Every day, Natasha secretly runs to a big lawn where her friend, the Bluebell grows.

A man vacationing by chance in Natasha's village gets to know her and tells her more about her friend, the Bluebell, who has troubles with the sneaky Rose, but has friends in the honorable knight Gladiolus, the wise and experienced Chrysanthemum, his devoted and faithful friend Iris, and their guards the Lupines.

Soon the lawn is bare again, and the storyteller must go home to Moscow. But before he leaves, he needs to explain to Natasha where her Bluebell has gone...

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