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About the novel

The novel "Aquarelle", written between the years 2008-2011, is a tale of its main character's ups and downs; of lofty hopes and their destruction; a story of trying to cut the many Gordian knots that entangle us all.

The novel's main character Vadim Steklov, a mid-level manager of a construction company is unexpectedly approached by the CEO of the company with an offer of a huge promotion if only he will marry the CEO's daughter.

Vadim accepts, but with his new power starts his own power game, and the power is intoxicating, and revenge makes him cruel and callous. Suddenly he is stepping over colleagues that just days before were treading all over him...

Shocks and surprises make Vadim even stronger, teach him to handle losses and to fight his enemies till the bitter end. However, the more his career takes off, the emptier it feels, as Vadim realizes that his career is not the only point of his existence. Escaping his gilded cage of business, he is drawn back home, to his family, seeking love.

But what should he do if there are really three women that he is drawn to, and he is bonded in some way to each one of them?

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